Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Long time, no post. I'm really frustrated with my job search at the moment. Before law school, I waited tables at TGI Fridays. I went to law school because I didn't want to wait tables anymore. Foolishly, I thought that a graduate degree would help me realize my dream of never having to ask some how they wanted their burger cooked.

3 years, $100,000, and countless hours of studying later, I'm no closer to having a job outside the food industry. I now have my JD and am looking at job listings on Craigslist because I have no prospects for work whatsoever. So far, I've been actively been searching ( 9-5, M-F) for almost a month. And yet still, I have nothing. My career services office has been a joke; they took 2 weeks to even respond to my email requesting help (which I resent to the them out of frustration). And then, all they did was give me the contact information for a supposedly helpful (i.e. connected) alumni in the area. Normally, I would be happy with this; I don't mind networking at all. However, after sending him multiple emails and letter I haven't heard anything from him at all.

Earlier last year, I went in to speak with the Career Services office (CSO). At that time, I was having trouble finding work and wanted some help. What a mistake. The CSO employee I worked with actually took the time to teach me how to search for law firms on Yahoo Yellow Pages. I wish I was joking. There I was, a 3L at a Tier 1 law school being taught how to search for firms. Not job listings, mind you, but firms so that I could send out cold-call letters begging for a job. Worse still, Yahoo is not even the best place to search for those.

So here I sit, trying to put off the inevitable. Today, tomorrow, and the next day I'm going to be applying to WAIT TABLES again. After all the finals, the "volunteer" work, and sacrifices, I'm going to be back waiting tables. And worst of all, it's even harder to find a job waiting tables now because I've been gone from the service industry too long. . .

Last bit of advice: if you think getting a law degree will get you a great job, think again. Throw away your law school application, toss on that apron, and get back to work. One day you might just make shift lead. . . your chances of getting a legal job out of law school are just about as good as your chances of getting one before you go (i.e. none at all).


B_Urban said...

Well Sac, it seems that having 5 years in the design industry doesn't get you much either. I moved back to Chicago 3 weeks ago. I only went a week without work, but I've lowered myself to whoring my abilities around. I've been doing freelance work all over the Chicago area doing grunt work that my interns use to do. But I guess it's a paycheck.

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